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5 Ways To Strengthen Your Nails - Lee Nails & Spa

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Nails - Lee Nails & Spa

If you haven’t achieved the nails of your dreams just yet, don’t be discouraged. Achieving thick, strong nails takes time, effort, and lots of patience. A few tips and tricks can help to grow some beautiful nails which are not just beautiful but equally strong. Here are a few tips that you can follow.

Eat Nutritious Foods

You also want to make sure you’re eating healthy. It’s essential to get vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables, as they can encourage strong and lasting nail growth.
Plus, they taste delicious! If you’re worried that you’re not getting enough nutrients to support strong nail growth, consider adding vitamins or supplements to your diet. Foods like leafy greens, sweet potatoes, spinach, lentils, and broccoli are full of key nutrients. Vitamin C is considered to be really helpful in the growth of nails. All you need is a lemon wedge and you just need to rub it on your finger nails and toe nails, at least once a day. Rub it for five minutes and then rinse it with warm water. It will help your nails to grow and it will also keep them clean and bacteria free.

Try a DIY olive oil nail soak.

Many people swear by soaking their fingers in olive oil to help strengthen nails naturally. Coconut oil, argan oil, vitamin E oil, tea tree oil, and castor oil can help in the same way. Pour little bit of oil into a bowl and soak each hand for 10 minutes. Massage the oil into your nail beds and cuticles to get the blood circulating. To really lock in the moisture, try soaking your nails at night and wearing gloves to bed.

Use the Right Tools and Products

Different nail needs require different manicure techniques and practices. The one thing that remains constant, however, is the importance of using the right tools and products.
Always remember to sanitize your nail tools between uses. High-quality tools and products will last for a long time to come. Hand creams, especially those with vitamin E, can also help keep your nails nourished.

Give Your Nails a Break

Whether you’re all about gels or you love a painted nail, it’s always a good idea to give your nails a break between manicures. A week is ideal, but even a few days without polish or applied nails can help the surface of your nails to heal and improve nail strength. Plan out your manicures so you can always get the look you love for the next great occasion. In between manicures, consider using nail strengthener or protective base coats.

Professional nail care at salon

You can treat yourself and your family to unlimited pampering services at our spa. Our nail salon Davie, FL 33324 offers manicure and pedicure services that will leave your nails beautiful and natural. We strive to keep your nails healthy by using the best products. With regular and gel polish, or with dip, let us make your nails beautiful.

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